Heather’s Clean Eating Challenge Testimony

You may have read my story about being born without a thyroid – if you haven’t feel free to have a read. I suffered for a long time. Mentally, physically, emotionally and it all tore down my spirit. I thought I’d be exhausted for the rest of my life.

I was 14 or 15 when I had this thought.

Imagine being a teenager with your whole life ahead of you thinking you’ll never be not tired. That you’re going to wake up every day exhausted and being told you’re lazy, and stupid because you keep forgetting things, and you don’t understand why. It was incredibly frustrating. Mostly that nobody understood.

After a while I found myself actually choosing be lazy and acting like I didn’t care – about anything, really. Everyone thinks this way about me, so I may as well be.

Fast-forward 12 – 13 years later, 2 children, married, struggling financially, still struggling in every personal area of life.

Enter in: Arbonne.

It took nearly 2 years of me knowing about the nutrition products, hearing stories of how people’s lives were changing because they detoxed. I had misconceptions, like many people, that detoxing was a fad and it was for Hollywood starlets or models. I also thought that protein shake was only for gym-rats and body builders.

But, then, I figured that since I was selling the stuff I really ought to give it a try.

So I did.

Where in the world was this when I was a teenager and practically gave up?! It changed my life!

Never did I ever imagine that I’d be waking up with energy! Never did I ever imagine that I would remember something from one room to another. I can actually go to the grocery store and get (most of) the things on my list without the list! Never did I ever imagine that this program would change my view and my perception of food. And I certainly never thought I’d be one of *those* people with all the ‘crunchy granola hippie food’ in my cart. I am, by the way, one of those people! Hallelujah! 

IMG_2303This was not an overnight journey. I’m still making changes (and mistakes!) and figuring out ways to eat healthy and get my kids to enjoy healthy foods as well. Especially since I don’t enjoy cooking – in fact, I loathe and detest it. It’s my least favorite thing – right before cleaning the toilet. yeah, not a fan.

The last thing on my mind was losing weight – I just wanted to feel normal! And now I do. My kids might disagree with the ‘normal’ part though 😉 I focus on my ingredients, my fitness, my sleep, and my meditation. All of this working together make for a happy Heather! One of the coolest things is that I’m actually able to focus. 🙂 Also, I love that I’m teaching my kids how they can feel good with the right foods!

I did, however, lose a few pounds – and I kept it off. Even when I cheated and pigged out on vacation or during the holidays. I might gain a couple of pounds, but when I get back to the clean eating lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to, those couple of pounds are gone by the end of the week.

Take that congenital Hypothyroidism!!! You ain’t got nothin’ on the Clean Eating Challenge! Boom!

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