Easy & Clean Recipes

I’m really not a “foody”. In fact, if I could survive without eating, I would.

Scratch that. If I could survive on chocolate that’s what I would eat. Always. every.single.day.all.day.long.

But alas, I must eat. And since I’m stuck eating I need it to be healthy (most of the time) + delicious (all of the time). Shocking truth: I’m not a picky eater, but I am picky about ingredients. #saywha?

Also, I loathe cooking 98% of the time. It’s not fun for me. When I do have to cook – ya know, to feed my kids + hubs – it’s usually a one-pot-wonder type deal (chefs are probably cringing reading this! #sorrynotsorry)

Below are some recipes I actually don’t hate cooking + some recipes that might seem like way too much work for me on an average day but are usually worth the time to make + ones that we just plain love (the 2% 😉 ) Enjoy + feel free to share!


avocado deviled eggs