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You’ve ordered (or are thinking of ordering) the Healthy Living kit from Arbonne, most likely for the Clean Eating Challenge. You’re going to receive a pretty Arbonne box from your hard-working UPS man! Yay for you! It’s like Christmas. Seriously.

Here’s what you should expect to receive inside that box:

detox tea_2DETOX TEA: The little guy plays a HUGE role in your detoxification, so don’t skimp on it! This stuff cleans your filter (liver/kidneys) and allows those toxins to be flushed from the system. When we lose the toxins, we can lose the fat.

Have 1-2/day, early morning ideal.

TIP: It’s a hot herbal tea flavor. If you’re not a fan, chill it over ice, add a drop or 2 of liquid stevia OR 1/2 of a fizzy for added flavor/energy!

Comment: Pregnant/Nursing Moms: Here’s your alternate for detox tea – a mug of hot water & 1/2 a lemon! That simple!  

Comment: Raw apple cider vinegar also provides great cleansing & detox properties. Try adding a tsp or 2 to your lemon water…or adding a little liquid stevia to sweeten it up if needed. Check this out.

The heartbeat of your 30-days is right here! They’re full Meal Replacements.

Mix 2 scoops protein powder with 9+ oz water or milk alternative (almond, coconut, flax, hemp, oat milk). Drink ’em plain or throw ’em in a blender with your favorite (approved) fruits, veggies & healthy fats for extra yumminess and health benefits. But remember, if weight loss is a major goal, don’t add too much or you’ll really increase your calories!

TIP: Replace 1-2 meals/day with a shake. Again, if weight loss is a major goal of your 30 days, replace TWO meals/day.

protein shakes

fiber boostFIBER BOOST: We need 30+ grams of fiber/day. Most of us don’t get a third of that! Fiber helps you feel fuller longer and also helps remove toxins & fat from the body. (HELLO, regularity!!)

1 scoop of this odorless/colorless/tasteless powder gives you 12 grams – almost HALF of your daily need! 1 scoop/day, preferably to your morning shake!

TIP: start off small with 1/4 scoop and work your way up to 1/2 scoop

digestion plusDIGESTION PLUS: This little guy has 11 digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics. All this to ensure you actually absorb all the good food you’re eating and restoring the healthy bacterial balance to your gut.

Hey, did you know that 70-80% of your immune system resides in your gut?? Healthy gut = Healthy guy/gal.

TIP: Put one packet in 1 oz water, mix well and shoot it first thing in the morning. Wait 15 minutes before eating/drinking anything else. This really sets you up for maximum GI benefit throughout the day. If you can’t handle the taste (it will get better), go ahead & throw it in with your morning shake – just be sure to drink it within 10 minutes.

FIZZ STICKS: Where would I be without these little jewels!? So much benefit to these natural energy drinks. They curb appetite, especially carb cravings. They give you focus (taurine), energy (green tea and lots of B vitamins), speed up the metabolism and even help ALKALIZE the body!

TIP: Have 1-2/day as needed. I love them as early morning ‘pick me up’ and for a mid-afternoon snack to help me finish the day strong! My FAVORITE flavor is to mix both a citrus and pomegranate…or squeeze some fresh lemon in your pomegranate (like a sweet/sour berry lemonade!)



7 day cleanse7-DAY BODY CLEANSE: Hold onto this guy; we won’t use this one until WEEK 3. You’ll get all the info you need in your email!




fit chews chocolate

FIT CHEWS: These are your snacks on the go! Great when you need to “buy some time” between meals…or just have a sweet tooth.

1-2 chews will hold you about 45 minutes, suppress appetite and keep you away from the vending machine or a drive thru! Limit to 1-2/day. Keep them in your car, purse, etc so you never find yourself “starving” and desperate! Available: caramel, chocolate, and lemon.

NOTE: These don’t automatically come with your kit. You need to add them to your cart in addition to the Arbonne Healthy Living Special Value Pack.

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