10 Hot Tips for Moms who Hate Cooking

Sooo, I dread having to cook most of the time. It’s just not enjoyable. I feel like I always have better things to do. This stems from me not being a “foodie”. If I could get all my nutrients and vitamins and calories from drinking instead of eating, I would do that all day e’rday and twice on Sunday.

But, because I have rugrats that need to eat, I have to do some amount of cooking. Apparently, you have to feed these tiny human people. ugh.

Below is a hearty list of “hot tips” for momma’s, like me, that loathe cooking.

Have your kids prep the food.

Some days when the kiddos are whining that they are ‘starving’ (cue the eye roll) but I’m not done with work yet, I’ll have them prep. They’ll cut up veggies (teenaged daughter), get out all the tools, pots n pans, preheat the oven, etc. Whatever they can do ahead of time is super helpful.

Bonus: they’re subconsciously helping to provide for the family they’re a part of. This is a really helpful skill to have when you start adulting.


You prep, kids cook.

There are days I don’t wanna sit around and wait for dinner to cook, but I might be in the mood to cut up veggies at 3:16 in the afternoon. I’ll do that, stick everything back in the fridge and when it’s time to start cooking I tell the kids what to do and they go for it!

Bonus: The kids will see that you are trusting them to help provide a meal for everyone.

Prep just once a week and utilize your freezer.

This is one of my favorite things. If I’m in the mood to prep I’ll cut up every single veggie, prep the meats and then stick some of it the fridge, and other stuff in the freezer. This is incredibly useful for later in the week, when you’re feeling super lazy about cooking. Prep work done. Boom.

Now just throw all the stuffs in the crock pot or a big pot on top of the stove with water and let it cook.

Shop once a month for meat and canned goods + Cook once a month and freeze.

My next huge household system to create is the whole freezer meal thing. It sounds glorious to me. I’ll probably invite a few of my mommy friends over to do it with me cuz that sounds like way more fun.

Check out my Freezer Meals Pinterest board for tons of recipes, ideas and hot tips from mommy bloggers that have already been through and use this process on a regular basis.

If cooking for the whole month seems overwhelming then cook enough for dinner that night plus 2 or 3 nights in the same week. Yep, this means leftovers – gotta pick your battles. Cooking every night vs. eating the same meal two nights in a row? You decide!

Have the right tools.

So, I love Pampered Chef. (no, they didn’t sponsor this post) and I want all of the things they make. Some of their cookware is more expensive than, say, the stuff you can buy at Target or Walmart. Ya know why? Cuz they’re better quality!

Invest in great knives, great pots n pans, and tools that are versatile. I love TPC Rock Croc – you can use it in a bazillion different ways.

cutting board with food

Ask for help.

From your spouse, from your mommy friends, from your parents, from your church family, from neighbors – whoever you know and trust. Ask them to care for your littles once a month so you can spend a few uninterrupted hours cooking for the month.

Ask your older kids to help with shopping and with meals.

If cooking healthy meals for your family is overwhelming you then ask for help, momma.


One-Pot Wonders.

My favorite type of meal. You throw everything into one pot and let it cook. This is usually soup, casserole, stew or chili. Super simple and easy.

Crock pot meals are even awesomer than the one-pot wonders! You throw everything into a crock pot, turn the thing on and go on about your day. When it’s dinner time you eat it. Boom.


Clean up as you go.

This is a tip from my grandma. She taught me this at a young age and it has stuck with me. I use it in everything I do – crafting, jewelry making, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Throw the egg shells away as soon as you crack them. Wipe up the spilled whatever RIGHT NOW. Put all of the spices away as soon as you’re done using them. Put all the spoons, spatula’s and mixing bowls into the sink as soon as you’re done mixing and stirring – don’t wait until after dinner because that’s just one more stupid thing you have to do when really all you wanna do is sit down and relax after dinner. Yes?

Cook early in the day and reheat.

Sometimes the mood strikes me to cook a meal at, like, 1:35 pm. I’ve learned to embrace that! You can cook your meal no matter what time of time and reheat it later if you have to.

Make ONE meal – you are not a 5-star chef!

When your kids are old enough to have a job and make their own income, buy the food, prep the food, cook the food and clean up after themselves they can cook all the fancy hot dogs and mac-n-cheese they want! Until then let them get sick of you saying “Suck it up, buttercup.” This includes fish – start ’em young, momma!

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That’s it for now, momma. I hope these tips have helped you. At the end of the day, it’s what works best for you, but the key is to not feel guilty that you don’t love cooking. It’s just not a priority for you and it’s not something God put into your heart. Maybe one day you’ll enjoy it – and maybe not – and until then make it as simple and tolerable as possible! ♥

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