40-Day Water Challenge

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As humans, we really need to drink an adequate amount of water. The daily recommended amount is half of your body weight in oz.

Your body weight (in lbs) ÷ 2 = oz. of water you should drink in a day.

Getting to this point for me has not been easy but it’s so beneficial. I know that for some of you that may seem like SOO much water. Especially if you’re not already drinking a lot of water in a day. That’s why I created this 40-Day Challenge – to build up to it.

water glass

Benefits of drinking this much water daily:

  • Energy! Who couldn’t use more of that?
  • Healthy + glowing skin
  • Helps with headaches
  • Digestion help – helps keep things moving
  • Helps with cleansing + keeps your kidney’s nice and fresh
  • Weight loss – yep. True story.

If you’re already drinking a fair amount of water each day then I say good for you! That’s fantastic + keep it up, friend! If you’re not, do yourself a huge favor and join us for this challenge. It’s the first step in deciding to become a healthy person. Your body simply cannot function properly when it’s dehydrated.

About the challenge + Tracker

You could start this challenge whenever you want! But I want to encourage you to really do it and go for it! Make it a new habit to the point where you don’t need to keep track of how much water you’re drinking.

For 40 days drink the recommended amount of water daily and track it using this tracker sheet. You could also track it in your bullet journal or use these sweet little water stickers Kara over at Boho Berry Paperie created.

40 day water challenge tracker wm

Preparation is key!

Get yourself a water bottle. They have simple ones at the dollar store and fancy ones on Amazon. If the bottle doesn’t already have ounce markers on it, then bust out your sharpie and add them. Or you can add times of the day to the bottle indicating when you should drink that amount of water. Here are some Pinterest ideas for these cool water bottles.

Fun infused water recipes.

Plain water is boring. I get it. I usually jazz mine up with Arbonne Fizz Sticks or Complete Hydration. I also enjoy cucumber water and lemon/lime water.

Here is a whole slew of infused waters – Enjoy!

infused water

Share your progress with me! I want to cheer you on, sweet one! Post on Instagram with hashtag #7H40DayWater with your tracker sheet, water bottle, fun infused water and progress!

Feel free to SHARE with your peeps and have them join in on this challenge! Doing something like this always works best when you have friends to keep you accountable, to support you and cheer you on!

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  1. I’m starting a 30 day water challenge this weekend! I LUV pop (sodas) and I rarely drink water, which I know cannot be good. I’m 40+, so it’s really time to think about healthier eating and drinking habits. Great post!!

    1. YAY water! Good for you! I’m cheering you on!

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