When Dreams Die

Since I was in my early twenties I had this deep desire to own a store where I would sell my jewelry and other gifty things. I imagined I’d have the coolest and wealthiest customers in the area and they’d all beg me to open when I was closed. I dreamt of making a bazillion dollars and have the dream life because of this little store.

In early 2016 a friend of mine and I both had a fantastic idea to open a bible book store/coffee & smoothie bar. We spent a lot of time drawing out our dreams together. We even got a business coach to help us move forward with our plans. This went on for a few months and then something changed.

I can’t speak for my friend, but for me, it was the sense that if I owned a brick ‘n’ mortar shop I would be tied to it.

I don’t mind hard work. I do mind being tethered to something and not being free to come and go as I please. That sense of being tied down scares me a little.

So, after years and years of I would own a shop I’ve decided that I actually don’t. hmm… how did this happen? And how did this decision┬ácome about so quickly? Seemingly overnight.

I believe that God has a purpose for each of us – one big goal if you will. He creates a straight path to that purpose and it’s up to us to follow the path.


While we’re on our journey we find other paths – choices – that look and seem appealing. Many of them really are. These extra paths take away from the main purpose of our lives. They become distractions.

Most of them are huge – a new career, marriage or divorce, a new baby, a medical scare, the death of a loved one, a new house, etc. The distractions are good and bad, and they pop up for our entire lives.

Now, I realize that I just listed a slew of things that don’t seem like distractions. Aren’t they more like the huge life altering things? Wouldn’t a distraction be something like one my kids found a stray dog and is begging me to keep it? Or I stubbed my toe? Or I have a cold?

From a human standpoint, yes. You’re right. These are definitely┬ámore than ‘distractions‘. They are the huge life changing occurrences. But, think about how God may see these events.

He is, after all, the God who created the universe. Time, space and matter do not affect Him and He is not bound by them. In this instance, the things that to us are huge life altering events are merely distractions to Him.

He gave us one purpose, and the path to that purpose is straight. However, only God can see that main path. We see the other paths that eventually lead back to our purpose, as long as we avoid the dark and creepy ones.

If you’re a believer in Christ you have been given the gift of Holy Spirit. He talks to you, guides you and fills your heart with gladness and direction. When we listen to Him we tend to stay closer, or even on, the straight path – God’s path for us.

I believe that when my dream of owning a store died it was because I got back onto the straight path – even if it was for just a few seconds.

I believe that the desire, the dream, of owning the shop was a tool Holy Spirit used to guide me in the right direction – to keep me off of the dark, thorny and scary paths. It gave me a sense of purpose.

Do you have a dream like that? A huge one that keeps you going in a forward direction? One that gives you a hope and gladness?

Keep chasing after it until….

That drive may never go away. That dream might be your purpose, or at least, the dream may be simply a stop on the straight path toward your purpose. Keep after it until…

I pray that your day is blissful and full.

Love you, my friend!


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