2016: A year in Review

When I sat down in December 2015 to write my goals, aspirations and plans for 2016, I was excited! I was really looking forward to newness and completing these huge goals that I had prayed over and I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of accomplishing them! I had every intention of making 2016 my year!

The great news is that I did make 2016 my year – but not even close to the ways I thought I would. Many of the goals I set in December became obsolete.

In preparation for this blog post, I scoured through my bullet journals and my hardly-written-in daily planner, random pieces of paper where I wrote down goals and tasks. It’s a lot of fun to look back to see what my intentions were just a year ago and compare them to the reality of what actually transpired.

2016 bullet journals

Lots of giggling ensued. A few tears of joy and few tears of sadness. Some overwhelm. And then more giggling. I discovered that I crack myself up. This is a good thing!

So, below is a list of my goals broken up into the two largest areas of my life.


  • Create a blog site for all my things check!
  • More focused: One thing at a time + put your whole self into each thing you’re doing at the time. On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being I was insanely focused and nothing could distract me, I started 2016 as a 3, and I would say that I’ve ended 2016 at about a 4.5.
  • The Miracle Morning I adopted pieces of this in 2016, but not each one. It’s at the top of my list for 2017 – I purchased The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers! I cannot wait to get reading it (along with the other 6 books I’m pumped to read! AHH!!)
  • Read The 4:8 Principle by Tommy Newberry again. check. This is one of those books that is great to keep by you at all times. In addition to my bible it helps me to be a better me and stay positive. 
  • Random Acts of Kindness weekly – nope. fail. But it’s because I feel that it’s better to fill a need of someone when I see it, not because it’s Saturday and I haven’t checked this task off my list yet. Some weeks I might not see a need to be filled around me, some weeks I’ll see several! I think God would rather have me fulfill the needs of others on His timing, not mine. 

I accomplished quite a few things that weren’t on my list that I’m pretty proud of:

  • Got glasses – after 3 years of saying “I really need new glasses” and then putting other things financially before this important self-care task.
  • Got a van! All 5 of us can fit comfortably in a vehicle. YAY!
  • Opened an Etsy shop for my design work, The Chosen Spot Paperie.
  • We moved- again! We had no intention whatsoever in moving this year as we had just moved into the other house in August. God had other, better plans! We’re really truly grateful for the upheaval for several reasons but the main reason is that He taught us a very valuable lesson in finances and need vs. want. We don’t NEED a 4 bedroom 2400 sq. foot house right now. God said to me “your home is where your family is.”

    ooooooohhhh…. That’s what that means! 😉

  • I took a year off from my Arbonne business. Read more about that here.
  • After 6 years of not going, I finally had a full physical.  Bonus: I really like my new doctor! 😀
  • I discovered daily planning in my bullet journal! My favorite BuJo-er is Kara over at BohoBerry – check her posts out and see her YouTube channel for bullet journaling tips! She has a whole video course on Bullet Journaling 101 + how to get started.
  • The one I’m most proud of and completely came out of left field was the choice to be a sober person. My date is June 10th – that’s the day the devil lost this battle. I grabbed him by the back of his neck and smashed his face in a pile of pig crap, then rubbed it in. I win this time, devil. You lose.

If you’re struggling with sobriety, please know that my heart is with you. So is God’s. I am praying daily for your strength and courage. <3

Business –

  • Handcrafted by Heather – I had a busy year! I did my first big art show and hit the monetary goal. From that show I gained great customers and self confidence!
    • I had a lot of other little goals, some I accomplished but most of them I didn’t. I blamed it on the move at first, but in reality, they didn’t fit with how I was growing personally and I what I wanted for my business. They were simply too small and it distracted me from even going for them – they weren’t motivating enough, I suppose!
    • Make $12,000 – I haven’t crunched all of the numbers yet, but I didn’t hit this goal, I know that. I’m more than half way there though, which I’m happy about!
  • Arbonne – I didn’t really have goals for my Arbonne business because I decided early on in the year that I was going to focus on Handcrafted by Heather and put Arbonne on the backburner. 2017 will be vastly different in this area – stay tuned!
  • Blog – I was really hoping to make money with this blog ‘o’ mine, but I didn’t take time to do the things I really needed to in order to accomplish this goal. It involves a lot more effort then I was willing to dish out. I’m completely okay with it. 🙂 Read about my first year as a blogger here.
    • A huge accomplishment this year was writing an email course about discovering your God Purpose. It’s simple guide of daily emails that come right into your inbox. I grew spiritually from doing the research to write it. If you want to sign up for it click here.


All in all, 2016 was a great year for me personally. I grew spiritually, I grew confidence, I helped someone start their relationship with Jesus, and I am definitely a better mother – that came with sobriety!

I’m excited about 2017. Mainly because I have a much better system in place for goal setting and I’ve decided to let go of distractions.

I purchased Your Best Year by Lisa Jacobs and it’s been so helpful for this 2016 review, along with setting 2017 goals that I really want to accomplish, and then a plan to make those goals happen! I highly recommend it!

I also recommend that you listen to this podcast by Michael Hyatt and his daughter about goal setting. It helped me discover why I was afraid to set goals and how to overcome that fear. The biggest take away from this podcast was ‘do it afraid’. Simple, right? It’s supposed to be.

Speaking of SIMPLE, that’s my word for 2017. It came to me weeks ago. I don’t remember where I was or what I was doing, but I remember God very clearly saying to me, “Heather, you need to make 2017 your simplest year ever.” I took that to mean have simple goals and let Him take care of the details.

That’s is for my 2016 review! I hope it helped inspire you to take action! I might not have accomplished goals that I set out for originally, but I’m totally fine with that because with God’s graceful guidance I did even MORE than I thought I was capable of. My focus was to move forward in everything, and I did because of Him! Woo hoo!

May 2017 be a prosperous and joyful year for you and yours. Happy New Year!

A truckload of love to you, sweet one!

Heather ♥

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