When Change Turns into Overwhelm

I’m one of those crazies that love change. It’s true. I thrive on it. I get bored easily, so I’m always open to something different. My husband can come home on any given day and I’ve moved the entire living room around. Just cuz.

Hey, at least I keep things interesting, yes?!

Sometimes, though, my desire for change + my never ending boredom turns into busyness and overwhelm. Below are some examples – maybe you can relate.

I often will google tips on parenting, or I’ll ask my mom friends what they do about certain things; attitude, chores, school work, etc. Or maybe one of my friends will casually mention how they do something – not even really giving advice, these things just come up in conversation – and I feel like I have to automatically implement their way of doing that. Even if what I’m already doing is working fine for our family.

When I was working my Arbonne business the first go around I must’ve changed the way I was doing my presentations at least 5 times – between the verbiage or the products or the closing method. I would change it even after it was working for me.

Looking back on this now, since I’m prayerfully in the process of relaunching my business*, I see that the first method of doing events worked the best. It was simple and I didn’t know any other way at that point. It’s the method I kept going back to every time the other ways weren’t working.

6 1/2 years ago I thought I needed a new car. I had this Grand Am that was only 2 years away from being paid off. It was a good car – drove well in snow, safe, handled corners like a boss and had sweet performance rims. I really liked that car. The only thing really wrong with it is that the calipers went fast in the front (I’m sure it had absolutely nothing to do with how I drove it 😉 ) I had to put about $600/year into this car in addition to the monthly payments and insurance.

Super annoying. So I got a new (to me) car. My car payment went from $189/month to $298/month, because I had to roll over the remaining amount from GA loan, but gosh darn it, I had a new car!

That extra $1oo+ a month was very financially overwhelming. It stretched my money and took away a lot of financial freedoms at that point in my life.

I have a nasty habit of not giving things enough time to see if they’re actually working. I’ll try a new marketing technique for a month and if it’s not working after 30 days my initial reaction is to drop it and move onto the next thing. That overwhelming feeling starts creeping in. If I’m not careful, it just takes over.

My wonderful hubby has convinced me to give these things 6 months and if they don’t work, then try something else. But the goal is to get some real data and I cannot collect valid data in only a month.

I really started to notice my desire for change when I started bullet journaling. I happened upon Kara at BohoBerry.com and I loved everything she was doing, so I implemented those techniques into my own bujo. Except, I soon discovered that some of the things that worked well for her, didn’t work for me and I ended up going back to my original methods.

What a weight off!


Here’s what I’ve learned:

Change isn’t always good or necessary. Don’t force it. Go with the flow and if you need to shift something around – small or large – go ahead and shift, then give yourself some time to adjust. If it’s not working, try something new again, give that time, and so on…

However, there are two things about change that’ll always be true:
1. It’s constant.
2. It’s inevitable.

Don’t let it scare you or overwhelm you.

Lastly, sweet friend, you’ll never ever go wrong when you pray about change. Ask for God’s guidance and ask Him to give you patience + wisdom. He will guide you and get you through – even if that means staying right where you are.

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