Bible Study Review: What on Earth Am I Here For?

Pastor Rick Warren is one of my favorites. I appreciate his sense of humor and how candid he is. So, when I was struggling to figure out why God put me here, I was pretty excited to have stumbled across this study: What on Earth Am I Here For? It’s based on his book The Purpose Driven Life.

Rick takes you through a daily journey of finding out why God put you are here and what your 5 purposes are:

  1. You were Planned for God’s Pleasure
  2. You were Formed for God’s Family
  3. You were Created to Become like Christ
  4. You were Shaped for Serving God
  5. You were Made for a Mission

Notice these synonyms for how God designed you: He planned, He formed, He created, He shaped, and He made you! YOU! God did that. On purpose! 



What I love about this study:

  • It’s an easy read – Rick makes things really simple. He breaks it right down to bare bones for anyone to easily understand and interpret.
  • It’s not boring or static – although it’s easy to understand and read, it’s definatly not a boring read. You’re going to grow and learn and laugh and cry while you read this.
  • Rick adds his own personality into it – his ‘Rickisms’ I like to call them.
  • Life changing – this isn’t just some other ‘self help’ book or personal growth thing. It’ll get you thinking. Rick poses a question each day that you’re encouraged to think over, pray about and answer.
  • Versatile – you can do this study/read this book on your own or with your small group.

I highly recommend that you get the Purpose Driven Life Journal that goes with this book or use a simple composition notebook to take notes and answer the daily questions to consider. I also recommend getting the daily devotional. It just simply helps soak it all in deeper each day.

I found that it took longer than the 42 days to get through this book. It took more like 5 months. Mostly because I had to re-read some of the days to really let it sink in, pray about it all and apply it.

This book/study helped me figure out what God wants me to do, why He created me, and it gave me confidence that I’ve never felt before. It’s like an assurance that God’s got my back and He loves me SO much. It really reinforced His promises. My eyes were opened to what people around me were saying – good or bad, negative or positive. God kept speaking to me and reinforcing what I was reading in this book/study through other people.

I will definitely read this again.


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