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Having perpetually dry skin all year is a side effect of hypothyroidism – which I have – but when winter rolls around, HA! It’s like a whole other level of dry skin over here. I feel like a dried out gecko in the middle of the desert.

I’m so grateful that I am armed and ready to go with products from Arbonne. Seriously, they’re a life-saver, or rather skin-saver… Bahahaha!!! 😉

Here’s my personal list of Arbonne products I use when my skin is especially dry + how/when I apply them:

  1. SeaSource Detox Spa Sea Mud Face & Body Mask  – This stuff is the bomb dot com, friends. It cleanse’s and draws out impurities from the skin’s surface, helping prevent clogged pores + the marine botanicals hydrate the skin.
  2. FC5 Invigorating Body Cleanser – Arbonne made this with a hydrating formula so your skin will really appreciate it. Plus, its smells nice. Not all chemically, just natural and subtle.
  3. RE9 Advanced Hydrating Body Lotion – The antioxidants and vitamins in this product are what help to moisturize + hydrate your skin. Bonus feature: It’s got anti-aging elements in it. So, it’ll be helping to fight those wrinkles, too! Boom.


  1. Put Mud Mask all over your body (and/or face) and let dry- this usually takes about 10 mins or less. Enjoy a nice cup of Herbal Detox tea while you’re waiting for the mask to dry. Yes, you’ll be standing naked (or use a house coat 😉 ) for about 10 minutes.
  2. Hop into the shower and rinse the mud mask off. Wash with the FC5 body cleanser. All you need is a tiny bit of this stuff – one nickel sized dab (or less) will cover your whole body. Use a loofah instead of a washcloth. The product will go further.
  3. After your shower apply the hydrating body lotion.
  4. Finally, double-triple dog dare the dry winter air to suck the moisture from your skin.

You – 1, Winter – zero.

BONUS: If you have SEVERELY dry skin, like yours truly, add some of the new Arbonne Intelligence Nourishing Facial Oil or the SeaSource Detox Spa 5 – 1 Massage Oil to your lotion. It gives you extra moisture without feeling sticky, or slippery.


For more information about these products, and other Arbonne products, click on the links above or visit the Arbonne website.

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