Stand in Your Truth

I am a Christian. I am a mother. I am a step-mother. I am a Wife. I am an entrepreneur. I am creative. I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant. I love babies. I love pink.

These are just some of my personal truths. Believe it or not, I struggled with each one.

Seriously, at one point, I had a hard time admitting that I love the color pink.

Say whhhaaa???

Today, sweet one, I encourage you to stand in YOUR truth. Make a list of every single positive attribute about yourself. Don’t use what others have said, write down what you feel in your heart – that’s from God. And that’s really all that matters.

Being proud of myself and confident was so far away at one point in my life that I thought I’d never feel that. I thought I would always feel some sort of deep disappointment in myself, like I would never be good enough.

Now I realize those were lies the devil whispers into my ears. Maybe he’s whispering the same lie into your ears.

Our truths are usually shifted because of things our parents, grandparents and teachers tell us thinking they’re protecting us from hurt or disappointment. They don’t actually realize that they’re holding us back from completing God’s work, nor do they realize that being hurt and feeling disappointed is simply a part of life and there’s just no protecting anyone from them.

These people are called dream stealers and I wrote a post about how to deal with them. You can read that here.

My confidence grew when I realized that since the Creator of the Universe is the one who created me, and He gave me a very specific purpose to glorify Him, I really have no reason not to feel confident in myself. Bonus: His Son died for my “whoopsie doodles” + because He loves me. Another reason to feel confident in who I am.

I want to encourage you, friend, to be okay with people not being okay with what you are doing. There’ll always be some person that thinks what you’re doing is ridiculous and a waste of time. That’s their own struggles and fears coming out. Pay no mind to it, other than praying for them.

So, after prayer, I would love to know what some of your truths are! Why are you proud of yourself? Why is God proud of you? Share them in the comment section below – you may just help encourage other readers!

Also, just for fun, here’s a coloring page I made for you! And for me, too. Let’s get real here. 😉 Enjoy! (right click and save to your computer, then just print it out and color away).

stand in your truth coloring page


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