The #1 Thing You Miss out on When You Say No to Arbonne

Disclosure: I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant (#12690597) and this post contains links to my personal website. 

In January 2016, I felt that I needed to take a step back from my *Arbonne business. It was becoming more and God + my family were becoming less. I was letting it run my whole life. Not healthy.

So, I put my business on the back burner. I wrapped it in bubble wrap and stored away for safe keeping.

I didn’t go to the Global Training Conference this year for the first time since I’ve been with Arbonne and I knew that Arbonne corporate would put the training videos online, so I wouldn’t miss that part of it.

The part of GTC that you can’t ever see online, or feel, is the warm glow of love and light from the other Arbonnites. They haven’t figured out how to code that feeling yet apparently. 😉 Arbonne people

I missed hugs from people I care about that I only get to see once a year at the conference. I missed late night conversations about life stuff over cups of detox tea. I missed early morning yoga with my fellow Arbonnite yogies. I missed singing praise songs with my NVP (national vice president, the top level of consultant). I missed sharing and hearing my teams ah ha’s. I missed one on one time with NVP’s I admire. I missed being with my huge + growing Arbonne family. Seeing the collage above actually brings tears to my eyes. I love each of these humans with my whole heart.

While I’ve been sitting on the outside of the Arbonne bubble teams have been growing, people are moving forward toward their goals, new products have come out – things have been moving right along. I’ve been watching this whole time, wanting to be a part of it. Feeling like I’m missing out on so much.

I feel like my whole group of friends is out at the movies and they didn’t invite me. You know that feeling? Blah. It’s the worst.

This time, I was invited. I just chose to sit out and watch the movie from home.

At the end of the day, what I’m missing most about not going to meetings, being on calls, going to events, etc are seeing my people. It’s the people that make Arbonne so unique and so special because it attracts the best people! Caring, kind, fun and honest! I love them all a whole bunch and I’m really looking forward to getting back to the hugs, the talks, the dancing and singing. <3

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*denotes a link to my personal Arbonne website, where I sell Arbonne products and make a commission. 

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