Starting a New Business When You’re Already Too Busy

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I’m a busy chick. Can you relate?!

Currently, I’m a learning + growing Christian who’s helping to grow our church. I’m a wife, a mother, a step mother, a friend. I own a jewelry + home decor business + I’m an Arbonne Independent Consultant. I’m a member of our church praise band, Revelation. My sweet sister in Christ and I are starting to build an amazing local business (stay tuned for more about this!). I wear so.many.hats. My plate is FULL.

Pffff… lets get real here. My plate is usually spilling over.

In the midst of it all, God put on my heart to start a new online business.

Are you SERIOUS?! 

When this happens I’m excited + grateful. I know that God has a plan that I know nothing of. So, I’m not complaining – I just feel thin. (not in the good way) Also, I’m aware that it’s another reminder to keep my priorities straight. Him first, then family, then business. This is something I really struggle with + one of the reasons I put my Arbonne business on the back-burner for the time being.

Alas, I decided to hear Him knowing that God equips the called. He has equipped me + I’m going for it!

Hebrews 13-21 cndga lake seagull

I launched The Chosen Spot Paperie on August 1st, 2016. It’s an online shop full of printable bullet journal + bible journal labels, covers + stickers, coloring pages, prayer cards, biblemarks (like book marks for your bible) + more!

the chosen spot banner with tree

For now, I’m keeping it just as a downloadable + printable shop vs. me printing the products and then shipping them out. Why? Because then I can focus on the FUN + spiritual part of this business – designing new products. I can focus on what God needs me to put out there for people instead of worrying about shipping this + that on time, or having a stock of shipping supplies (which costs money).

Now, trust me when I tell you this: I totally wanted to do the printing portion of it. I even wrote it in my bullet journal! I planned to print out the stickers and the labels and the everything + send it out to my awesome customers! But then God spoke to me + reminded me that my plate is already full. And, again, remember my priorities. Creating is my priority. Not shipping. 😉

paperie plan bujo

So, if you feel like you want to start a new online business but your plate is already over flowing and you feel already completely overwhelmed, don’t give it up!

Look at your priorities. Write them down with numbers! #1, #2, #3…. By doing this exercise you’ll find that some things that are taking up space on your overflowing plate are actually things that aren’t on your heart – meaning, you are just doing them because you feel like you should.

Maybe it’s a ministry at church – share with the leaders + ministry members that you need to step back for a time. It’s okay to say no to something that your heart isn’t invested into so that you can do something that you’re excited about. 

Maybe it’s a moms group that you’ve been going to for a long time but you don’t get excited about it anymore. You’re going because it’s just something that’s on the calendar. You don’t have to go. 

As far as your new online business is concerned, do the same thing. Write down your list of priorities. Can you omit things from the business plan that are just extras? Can you create fewer items to keep your time your own? Can you delegate? Can you get up earlier or go to bed later?  I usually create new designs in bed after the knuckleheads are asleep. It’s quiet + I have an easier time hearing God.

Remember nothing is forever, except God. For now, all of these things can help you get your new business up + running.

My prayer for you is that you hear God’s encouragement + use His grace to get you through this busy time! Lean on Him + He will get you through!

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