The Tools You Need for Successful Goal Setting

Are you, like, totally freaked out about goal-setting? Or maybe you’re not freaked out by it but you’d just rather not set goals? Maybe you love setting goals but haven’t found a really great system that works for you.

Truthfully, I’ve been through all of these stages. Goal-setting used to make me cringe because I was fearful of setting the goal and not reaching it – eeek!

Then I got to a point where I really wanted to set goals – to put them down on paper – without fear, without hesitation, but I couldn’t find a method of goal-setting that made sense to me. Basically, I would set the goals, put them on paper, and then feel this incredible sense of overwhelm. How in the world am I going to get all of these goals accomplished?

It took a couple years before I found something that really works for me – and I’m pretty certain it works for the majority of people.

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What you need for successful goal-setting:

  1. Time. Schedule in time to sit down and set your goals. Depending on the timeline of goals you are setting this could take 15 minutes or maybe 2 hours. Also, you can always come back to them – but don’t wait anymore than a couple of days to finish writing them because you may lose focus!
  2. Pen and paper. Pretty simple, huh? I personally write down my goals on good ‘ol fashioned college-ruled lined paper. If you prefer pencil go for it, but pens have more of a finality to them (also, there’s white out 😉 ) I also write my goals in my bullet journal to refer back to them.
  3. Quiet. If you have little knuckleheads running around, like I do, wait until they’re in bed, or set them in front of a movie, or wait until they go to school. Being able to focus on what you really want/need in your life is really important. Plus, your brain will start associating goal-setting with peacefulness – before you know it you’ll start craving goal-setting, if you don’t already!
  4. Vision. This might be harder for some people – my hubby has a hard time envisioning what something will look like in the future. If this is you, do not fret! You can train yourself to ‘see’ what your optimal future will look like. It’s pretty flippin’ cool when you do.
  5. Holy Spirit. The absolute best thing you could possibly do before you set goals is to ask Holy Spirit to be with you while you do it. Pray that God shows you what He needs you to do first. Otherwise you’re just left floating around to do whatever, and when that happens we get a feeling of purposeless. Like, what we’re doing – even if our schedule is jam-packed + busy little bee’s – isn’t enough. That feeling comes from prayerlessness in goal-setting. I know because I did it for such a long time! Don’t make my mistake.

Keep God smack dab in the middle of your goals!

Keep god in middle of goals

Since I started my Arbonne business in July 2012, I’ve read a lot of books and articles about goal-setting. I was going to include a list in this post, but it got WAY too long – long enough to write a blog post. You can find that post and the list here.

7 Awesome resources to help you set your goals

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