Bible Journaling: How to get Started

I started bullet journaling in January 2015 and I kinda fell in love with it. It’s defiantly evolved, like me, and will continue to evolve as time goes on.

Like my love of bullet journaling, my desire to know more of God’s word and understand it has grown. Many times during studies I’ve found that after I learned something – or was enlightened – I would sometimes soon forget what I learned. I needed a way to keep track of what I was learning and I also wanted to track my spiritual growth.

bible journaling pin

So, of course, I took to Pinterest (is there any other option?! 😉 ) and searched ‘bible journaling’. There are, of course, a gazillion + one ways to bible journal, but I’m going to share with you what works for me.

I ordered these grid composition notebooks from Amazon and I really like them. I like them a lot more than a regular composition notebook because they help me practice my handwriting and the grids make it easier for doodling. Also, I can fit more ‘info’ on one page. I used one notebook for my regular bullet journal and one for my bible journal.

bible journal

How to set up your bible journal:

Index: Just like your normal BuJo, you’ll certainly want an index. I skipped this in my first bujo and I really regret it. Having an index makes it easier to find things to refer back to. And when you’re journaling about God’s word, you’ll certainly want to refer to it again and again.

Books of the bible: you can do what I’m doing here and simply give each Book it’s own page. If you run out of room, simply go to the next blank page or spread and continue on. I know that this may drive some of you batty and I totally get it. I’m surprised I was okay with doing it this way. However, I wanted it to feel more like a journal vs a copy. This journal is my own and in my own handwriting. It’s my personal interpretation of God’s word.

bible bujo full spread

bible journal notes jeremiah

bible bujo full spread 2

You could also give each book a full spread, and give longer books a spread + a page because there are only 66 books in the bible, with 100 pages in this journal, about 97 after you do a title page + an index spread. Also, some Books are very short and would likely only require one page.

Tabs: Like bible tabs that you can purchase on Amazon, you could use the tabs for your journal as well, or simply make your own. Project! BONUS: you could also color code your index with your tabs. Just a fun thought.

Title page + contact info: if you set your journal down someplace, like church or at your bible study group, you’ll want whomever finds it to know how to contact you to get your journal back to you.

Title page with contact info bible bujo

Feel free to add color all throughout your bible journal. Or don’t. Whatever suits your fancy. 😉

One last thing! I’m SUPER excited to announce that I opened a brand new business! It’s called The Chosen Spot Paperie and it features bullet journal stickers, journal labels (including the one pictured above), journal covers, prayer cards, and lots more!! Enjoy!

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  2. Awesome article on bible journaling! Usually I just forget what I read & am too afraid to mark in my bible the key points to refer back to. I think by taking the time to write it, I will retain more of it, which is great! & I like those nifty lol composition books too! 🙂 thx heather!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I’m glad it helped you! I JUST started this fun process and so far I’m really get so much from my bible studying.

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