Ten Steps to Goal Setting

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If you haven’t read the book The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson yet then you’re really missing out on a great read + heartwarming stories + amazing ways to pray and have a stronger prayer life. So, buy it and read it ASAP. 😉

In The Circle Maker, Mark lists 10 steps to goal setting that I’m sort of obsessed with. I frequently go back to review these steps when I’m feeling like I’m headed in the wrong direction. I’m so ‘all about them’ that I needed to share them with you!

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  1. Start with prayer. Mark recommends that you take a personal retreat or do some fasting – these two things will help clear your mind and hear what God is telling you. If you set your goals while in prayer, there’s a much better chance that they’ll glorify God, and if not, than what’s the point?!
  2. Check your motives. Are your prayers selfish? If so, you’ll be spiritually better off not accomplishing them. Ask yourself ‘why do you I want to achieve this?’
  3. Think in categories. There are many ways you can divide these up – different leaders recommend different categories for different reasons. Truthfully, it’s really up to you, but for reference here are how I divide my main categories up (not necessarily in this order):
    1. Extended family + friends
    2. Marriage
    3. Parenting/Kids + relationship with each child
    4. Finances
    5. Health + Fitness
    6. Recreation + Fun
    7. Businesses/Career (to help reach the financial goals)
    8. Personal (books, bible studies, retreats, personal care, me time, etc.)
    9. Spiritual (Mark says that you could honestly add a spiritual component to each category as everything you do in life is because of and should be for God – this is how I like to set my goals and it works well for me.)
    10. Giving + Volunteering
    11. Physical Enviroment
  4. Be specific. Vague goals produce vague results (you may have heard that a million times, but obviously there’s a reason you’re seeing/hearing it again, friend. 😉 )
  5. Write it down. See bullet journaling.
  6. Include others. Find someone who will keep you accountable and cheer you on! Skip the people in your life that are dream stealers.
  7. Celebrate along the way. This is something I struggle with, and it’s actually one of my goals… celebrate that I celebrated lavishly for accomplishing (and going for!!) my goals. Are you eating clean and doing your best to stick with the program? At the end of your detox/program, if you stuck to your guns + didn’t cheat then celebrate your accomplishment with your favorite yummy treat!
  8. Dream Big. This is where prayer will play a huge roll. When you ask God to show you what He needs you to do for Him and He does, it might be really simple, but often times it’s WAY WAY bigger than you could possibly imagine – usually it’s even scary! But grab onto that and run with it.
  9. Think long. Look ahead 10, 20, 30 years from now – and beyond! What do you want your life to look like? What do you pray for your kiddos and your grand kids? What can you do now so that your big dreams for your kids and grand kids could come to reality?
  10. Pray hard. Before, during and after you write your goals down on paper – or in your journal – I want you to pray REALLY flippin’ hard. With all your might. Like your life depends on it! It kinda does 😉 Pray until you have absolutely no doubt – AT ALL – that your dreams, your goals will come true. Until you just KNOW.

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