7 Awesome Resources to Help you Set Your Goals

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There are a gazillion books, articles and studies about goal setting. Over 10,000 results popped up on Amazon.com. (not.even.kidding.) I’ve been reading and studying about goal setting for a few years now, and will continue to do so because 1. it’s intriguing to me, and 2. there are new goal setting techniques created everyday.

I’ve compiled a list of books, websites and articles that I refer back to daily – even if I’m wanting to try a new technique. These resources seem to be great ‘back bones’ for goal setting and productivity.

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One of the very best websites I’ve found for productivity and goal setting (along with other awesomesauceness) is MichaelHyatt.com. You can read all about who Michael Hyatt and what he does here. I enjoy reading his posts and listening to his Podcasts because he keeps things simple. His posts are easy to read and understand and his podcasts are easy to follow along with.

living-forward-bookSpeaking of Michael Hyatt, he wrote a fantastic life planning book with Daniel Harkavy, another cool dude to look up. The book is called Living Forward: A Proven Plan to stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want. I bought this book because I respect these two leaders and I expected that the book would be a great read. Not to toot my own horn, but I was right. Toot toot.

This book gives you simple yet detailed steps on how to put together a life plan, which in my opinion, is the VERY FIRST step you should take when setting ANY goals. It encourages you and challenges you to think about what it is that you really REALLY want with this one life you’ve been given.

With the book you get all sorts of super sweet goodies + bonuses, like a coloring book (yay!!) + the audiobook + the hard copy + a whole life planning guide, and then some… oye. Just the bonuses alone are worth the cost of the book. It also happens to be a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.com, too. Jus’ sayin’. Grab your book and the goodies here.


The Purpose Driven Life will always be a go-to reference for me. Not just for setting my goals, but also to remind me that God loves me and that’s why he created me.

Rick Warren, creator of and pastor at Saddleback Church, did an excellent job laying out the purpose for your life, and my life, and anyone’s life. It’s not as general as you may think – we each have our own unique purpose on this earth and in our life. God gave us this purpose, but sometimes – actually, most of the time – it’s not easy figuring out what that purpose is. Sometimes, that can be down right daunting, overwhelming and even depressing.

Feeling purposeless is one the worst things I’ve ever felt and my heart hurts for those who are suffering with purposelessness. If that’s you, buy this book and read it. Like, yesterday. It will help!

This book reads like a devotional – read through it one day at a time. Or, if you’re like me, it might take you a few months to read. However long it takes you to actually get through it, soak it up. If you do, you’ll feel a change happen almost immediately. It changes the way you look at your life and the lives of those around you. It challenges you to change and be better. It helps you to understand how much you are loved, wanted and needed on this earth.

BONUS: Get a group of your friends together and create a small group and do The Purpose Driven Life study. Going through it with friends will help get you through it in the 42 days + it’ll help keep y’all accountable + it’ll help you to know someone is growing alongside you.

KaraBohoBerryKara at BohoBerry.com is not only one of the coolest chicks on the blogging block, she’s an artist, like me! and she is ever-changing, ever-updating her bullet journal to fit into her lifestyle. She uses her BuJo’s (buLLET joURNAL) along with other ‘brain dump’ journals to set her goals.

My BuJo doesn’t look like Kara’s, and it’s not supposed to – that’s not my goal. But I love her methods and format. She’s taken different techniques from different BuJo’s and made her own unique form. I happen to relate to that form, and maybe you can too. If not, I’ll bet you’ll be able to adopt at least one technique from her.

One goal setting method she uses that I really like is the Level 10 Life. Basically, you take the 10 major areas of your life and rate them. This helps you to realize what areas you want to put some extra effort into, and what areas you’re happy with. You can see her post about it here. It’s very similar to what Michael and Daniel talk about in Living Forward (mentioned above).

Kara uses YouTube to post her bullet journaling techniques and journey, along with other cool stuff. I highly recommend that you check out her videos.

Other resources:

  • Book: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – not really about goal setting, but it’s a great foundational principle and it will help you in your goal setting journey because a part of setting goals is actually implementing them and doing the work to complete them. To do that, you need to create some great habits. This book will help you accomplish that.
  • Planner: Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog made the Intentional Life Planner. It’s great for those who don’t want to do bullet journaling and don’t even know where to start with picking out the right planner because this is for a binder + it’s an instant download! Also, it’s pretty. ☺
  • Book: Dare to Dream – this is a great easy-to-read book. It’s short but jam packed with helpful tips and assurances that, again, you are loved by God and He has a plan for your life!


Don’t try to implement all of these at once. You’ll get overwhelmed – just trust me on this one 😉 Use what speaks loudly to you, whatever you’re nodding your head at and saying, “yeah that makes total sense.” Go with that!

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This post contains affiliate links. Read more about my disclosures here.

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