Adult Coloring Books: What to Do with Colored Pages

At first the whole idea of sitting down to color as an adult seemed overwhelming – like I don’t have enough going already? Now I’m supposed to color? Oye!

Then, while browsing through Barnes and Noble, I came across these adult coloring books with bible verses + inspirational sayings – something that inspires me. I picked these two to get me started after thumbing through many adult coloring books.







Pens, pencils, markers or crayons?

Many people love to use colored pencils which are nice because you can do shading to get some extra dimension in your pages. You could also use crayons for this. I have always loved coloring with markers and years ago when I was scrapbooking I got myself some really nice markers from Zig. I’ve had them for about 12 years and they still work great!

There are also some fabulous artists pens you could invest in, which I may do some day when I create my own publishable coloring book!


I’ve heard from many people that even though these coloring books are supposed to be stress-reducing, they’re finding that they get stressed out when they don’t finish a page. I was feeling the same way at first! Then I started usingĀ one color at a time. Once I had filled in everything I wanted with that one color, I put my book down and moved along – usually to sleep as I like to color at night in bed.

What to do with them

When I was flipping through the masses of coloring books at B&N I kept thinking ‘these are nice, but what in the world am I going to do with these once they’re colored in?’

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A few ideas came to mind:

  • Give them as gifts. Bring your colored pages to Michaels and get beautiful coordinating mats + frames. Wrap the framed pages up and give them as a birthday gift, anniversary gift or housewarming gift. Your handwork will be very much appreciated and treasured!
  • Art on your own walls. I have a feeling after I frame a couple of these pretty pages I’ll want to keep them for myself šŸ˜‰ Thankfully there are plenty to go around!
  • Give them as a greeting card. Simply fold them in half, write a loving note inside and slip into a coordinating envelope.
  • Swap them. Coloring half of a page and let your friend finish the rest. Swap a page with them – you finish theirs, and they’ll finish yours!
  • Place mats. Have your finished colored pages laminated and use them as small placemats during your next friendly get-together.
  • Random acts of color. Take your colored pages and pin or tape them around town on community boards with a note for people to keep the pages that inspire them.

Have fun coloring, sweet friend!

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