7 Things to Purge When You Move

7 things to purge when you move

Jeremy, the knuckleheads + I have moved 10 times in the 12 years we’ve been together, so we know a thing or two about moving. Since we’re moving for our eleventh time at the end of this month I decided that it’s a great time for me to share one of my major go-to moving tips: Purging! 

Through all the moves all around the Finger Lakes Region, we’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff. Every time we move, I use it as a window of opportunity to purge things. When you have extra useless stuff laying around, it just adds to the already chaotic unavoidable clutter.

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  • I go through my closet each time – if I haven’t touched or even thought of that dress since we moved into the place, then it’s not coming with me to the new place! If clothes are out of style, they don’t fit right, or I just don’t wear it I get rid of it.
  • Kids clothes – these nuggets keep on growing and they refuse to stop, no matter how much begging I do. UGH! 😉 If the clothes don’t fit them, there’s no reason to keep them. Donate them or give them to a mommy friend.
  • Files – Oh how I get such satisfaction throwing away – ehem.. I mean, recycling, papers. If they have super personal information, like your SSN, either burn it, rip into tiny shreds, or shred it. This was my biggest purging project in the last move and I’m so glad I don’t have to do it this time around.
  • Old stuff – Yesterday when I was packing up pictures and decorations, I came across a few candle holders I’ve been hanging onto but haven’t used in years. I think the reason for me hanging onto them is that I ‘plans’ to repurpose them or do a craft project or something? Well, they didn’t fit into the box, so off to donation they go!
  • Kitchenware – For some weird reason, I have, like, 5 spatula’s that all do the exact same thing. What the? I’m keep my favorite ONE and throwing the rest in the garbage… or maybe Pinterest has ideas – NO! Heather! NO! Garbage! **deep breaths** I can do this.Have old pots + pans? (we do!) If they have scratches, are cheapies and they’re not super cool useful ones from Grandma, toss them. If you have ones you got from your wedding that you haven’t opened, either open them + use them and toss the old ones, or donate them…. or re-gift them.Yes. Re-Gift. I said it.
  • Books and DVD’s – It’s hard to get rid of books, but if it’s not a life-altering, self growth book that I can refer back to, or I’ve had it for years with the intention of reading, donate it!If the DVD is scratched, I just throw it away. If a DVD hasn’t been watched in a few years and/or the kids don’t care about it I donate it.
  • Tools – how many hammers/screwdrivers/pitchforks do you really need? Probably just one. Maybe two, if you’re one of those magical parents who can get their kids to help in the garden/around the house. (if you are, will you please teach a class? I’ll be the first to sign up!) Pick your favorites and be done with all the rest!

I made a helpful checklist for you when you’re going through the purging process!
You can download it here → Moving Help-Time to Purge checklist

Happy purging, friend!

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