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When I started my blog in January 2016 I had no.friggin’.clue what I was doing! I had been researching for a couple months on how to make the site I already had been working on for a year a little better. Most of the ‘hot tips’ I found didn’t seem simple or easy to implement + the whole idea of building a new website seemed extremely time-consuming and overwhelming.

I had no intention or desire to start a blog – seriously. I was looking to build a website where I could sell my jewelry and Arbonne. I didn’t have time to write – momma’s gotta make some dough! 😉

Abby-Lawson-Headshot-for-Sidebar-225I had been following Abby Lawson, from Just A Girl and Her Blog, for a few months. I loved her free printables and her mutual mild obsession with organizing. A gal after my own very organized heart. **giggles**

Then I read one of her income reports and my mouth dropped to the floor. She had made $20,000 that month. From her blog! I was impressed, flabbergasted and intrigued. Ok… so maybe this blogging thing might be an okay idea. Plus, I’ve always loved to write, even though I’d previously felt that I didn’t have time for it anymore.

I signed up for her 7 day Start a Blog Challenge and it was easy to read, easy to implement and easy to understand! So, after some discussion with my hubs about what was knocking around in my busy brain, and deciding I’d follow Abby’s lead, I created Seventh Heather.

Then,  with the help of her Hubs, Donnie, Abby launched her eBook, Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook. Because of this eBook the idea of having a blog not only became the best idea to me, but Abby and Donnie made it easy to understand HOW to build one! 

Building A Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook

My 7 favorite things about this course:

  1. It literally fits into anyone’s budget. Abby and Donnie made it super affordable + (BONUS) you can purchase it in different package levels, which each have a different price. You can buy all 3 packages at once, or you can buy one at a time, which is what I did. I thanked them profusely for the way they set this up!
  2. It shows you step by step exactly what to do. Like, baby step by baby step. When I say I had no clue – and still don’t, honestly – how to build a blog/website I mean I didn’t even know where to start, or how to start. Uhm, what’s a widget?! (btw, a widget is sort of like an app for websites.)
  3. Step by Step Video Tutorials. I don’t know about you, but I’m a visual learner. I can read the same sentence 5 times and still have no idea what I’m supposed to do. But, show me once, I’ve got it! I was so grateful that Abby + Donnie took the time to record video How To’s for us visual learners!
  4. Clickable Index. This might seem like such a random thing, but I gotta tell ya, when you’re trying to build your blog and you’re in the middle of a task/project, the last thing you wanna be doing is scouring the internet or thumbing through a book for one thing to complete the task. You wanna be able to just go right to where you KNOW it is. Building a Framework has a clickable index (maybe all eBooks have this?) so when I need to re-read a specific topic, I go to the index, click on the topic and go right to it. BAM.
  5. Interviews with other bloggers on specific topics. Very much like the video How To’s, these interviews give in depth detailed instructions, helpful advice and puts friendly faces to each topic. My husband will often find me clicking back and forth from the video’s to my blog. I get a quick tip, pause the video, go to my blog, implement the tip and my whole (bloggy) world changes! It’s the small things in life, ya know. 😉
  6. Printable workbook! If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love me some free printable planning guides. Some people collect shoes, some people covet knick knacks, but yours truly? I like free printable planning guides! And this eBook comes with one! Happy dance!!
  7. The font. Uhh, seriously, Heather? The font? Yeah. Seriously. I like the darn font, okay? It makes it physically easier to read. I may only be in my early 30’s but my eyes are not healthy. I have a hard time reading some eBooks, websites and other small print. Building a Framework has an easy-to-read, easy on the eye balls font. It makes a difference!

So, Whether you’re a seasoned blogger, or you’re a total amateur, you’ll get something out of this awesome eBook! It doesn’t matter what you’re topic is, you’ll be able to easily and immediately implement what Abby and Donnie teach you! If you read Abby’s story about starting her blog, which I recommend that you do, you’ll discover that she had no clue either.

I think that’s why I can relate to her, aside from the whole organizational thing. 😉 She’s a normal mom and wife. Just like me. If she can get a blog up and running and successful, then I can, you can, anyone can! It’s totally doable and Building a Framework makes it easily doable.

So, jump in and join the blogging world! It’s a lot of fun! Start by clicking on the link below or just click here to find out more about + purchase Building a Framework.


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