Side Effects of a Nutritional Detox

signs of a nutritional detox

There are many benefits to a nutritional cleanse (please make sure you talk with your specialist Dr before starting a detox/cleanse) but your body still needs to go through an adjustment period. It’s not awful -usually – but it’s not awesome, either.

All three times I did the Arbonne Clean Eating Challenge my side effects were different each time. They weren’t as harsh the last round – yay!

Here are some ‘normal’ detoxing symptoms:

  1. Fatigue + Disrupted Sleep Patterns: 
    Wait up – hold the phone – stop right there! I specifically remember you saying I would be able to sleep better and have more energy if I did the Clean Eating Challenge (detoxed)!YES! You will! Right now, though, you’re stimulating your body to purge toxins which require a heavier workload than what your body is used to. Expect to feel more tired – for now – and don’t fight it! Lay down for a nap and/or make sure you’re getting at LEAST 8 hours of sleep at night. Especially the first week of the CEC. Also, avoid stress as much as possible – try meditation or yoga. And breathe!
  2. Headaches
    A dull, drawn out headache is the most common symptom. This one bugged me the most because I never get headaches, so when I do, it’s super annoying. They’re most common in the evening and in the afternoon. This usually occurs because your body is going through withdrawal – mainly sugar withdrawal – and you may be dehydrated. Make it a top priority to drink half your body weight in ounces of water (your fizz sticks + detox tea totally count! Enjoy!)Take the 40-Day Water Challenge!
  3. Frequent Urination, Loose stools + Digestive Upset
    These are ways the body eliminates toxins – basically, your body is doing its job. It’s saying ‘okay! I see what’s going on here now – let’s DO THIS!!!!’A sure-fire way to make sure your digestion is working optimally is following the Clean Eating Challenge guide to a T.
  4. Nausea
    Change in diet and lifestyle may cause some nausea. If this happens, take a rest and make sure you’re well hydrated.
  5. Cravings
    The strongest and most common craving is for sugar. There’s added sugar in the majority of foods today (since the 1950’s, actually) and as far as your body is concerned you took away the most important fuel! So, it’s going to be a bit confused for a few days and probably even for a good week!Whatever you’re craving there’s likely a healthy solution to it (see below). Fill your Will Power Tank and take charge, friend! You can beat it! And then enjoy a couple Fit Chews! 😉

what you need vs what you crave

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