Soak ‘Em Up Challenge

As a Work@Home Mom my schedule sometimes – often times – makes it challenging to really soak in my knuckleheads. So I decided to make a point to spend more time with them, really soak them in now, by challenging myself to do one thing each day with them. I invite you to do the same!

Dad’s, feel free to join in!

#SoakEmUpChallenge on Instagram:

  1. Follow me (Heather) on Instagram @Frog7renee
  2. Download the prompts below.
  3. Spread the word by posting about the challenge using Hashtag #SoakEmUpChallenge.
  4. Respond to the prompts whenever you can by sharing a photo or video of you soaking in your kiddo’s, sharing your ideas, and use the hashtag. It’s never too late to jump in! All prompts are open to interpretation and/or adjustment as needed (see below).
  5. Check out other posts in the hashtag – engage by liking, commenting, and asking questions.

Soak 'Em Up Challenge - soak in your kiddo's while you still can!

Some of these you may need to adjust depending on how many kiddo’s you have. For example, on day 9 when you watch their favorite movie or show, just do that with each each child a day at a time until you’ve watched all your kiddo’s favorite movies or shows. Then simply move onto Day 10!

Feel free to make your own challenges! A fun and easy one I just thought of is letting your kiddo have a special treat that you don’t normally let them have, just because.

For example, we don’t eat a lot of candy in our house. Much of the Halloween + Christmas candy get’s thrown away or my husband takes it to work to share. So, I might give Graham a Hershey’s Kiss because I love his kisses! I might give Emmah a mini Almond Joy because she brings so much joy into my life. ☺

Why do this challenge?

  1. A way to just add some extra fun into your daily routine!
  2. To reconnect you to your children – if you’ve been feeling distant because of work, family circumstances, or whatever the reason, use this challenge to bring you closer to your precious ones.
  3. To get to know your knuckleheads better – great for step parents!
  4. Grandparents can join in too!

Get creative!

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