The Extremely Busy Working Stay at Home Mom

The extremely busy Working Stay at home mom - when you're feeling purposeless but busy

So, I’m a busy lady.

I own 2 growing businesses (with no hired help. yet.) + I’m growing a blog + take care of my 2 knuckleheads – all 3 on Friday evenings, Saturday + Sunday when Tyler is with us – I have church events + personal growth + business development + a marriage to keep up with (meaning, keeping it loving and at the top of my priority list) + a house to clean up and then some.

I’m kinda tired just reading all that. phew… okay, time for a nap!

Just kidding 😉 (although, I could go take a nap right now and you wouldn’t know it otherwise, would ya? :-p )

Being a Working Stay@Home Mom is a busy life, but I love being busy. Sometimes, though, I feel like I’m busy with the wrong stuff. I’ll spend too much time on meaningless social media research, or read way too many emails for my brain to even comprehend what it’s reading. Sometimes I get to the end of the day and although I was “busy” I really didn’t get anything meaningful done. #fail

I know this happens to a lot of Working Stay@Home Mom’s because I read about it – frequently. Their blog might look amazeballs, but it’s almost bedtime and the kids are starving. uhm because you didn’t feed them dinner. Whoopsie! Or you’ve spent so much time with your kids that they’re begging you to go do work!

Some experts say “it’s all about balance” and that’s true! What I’ve learned over the last 6+ years of being a WS@HM is that some days you spend too much time here and not enough there, or visa versa – this happens everyday. And every day you can either beat yourself up for not getting this, that or the other million things done, or you can pat yourself on the back for getting the few things done that you did. Even if those few things were playing with your knuckleheads + feeding them.

Because honestly, friends, some days in this house that really is an accomplishment.

What has helped me to stay (better, not even a little bit perfectly) on task is bullet journaling. I explain what I love about it in this post, but as far as being a WS@HM it helps me compile everything – all.the.things – into one spot where I can see all that I need to get done. And yeah, I have to add ‘Brush Teeth’ to my daily tasks.

bullet journaling

Some days I get to put a lovely X next to the task, some days there’s a migration arrow next to the task. And sometimes that task gets migrated to next month. (for example, I meant to get my thyroid checked in January. It’s now nearly March and I still haven’t gone and gotten my blood tested).

Truth be told, it’s about priorities and some days your priorities change. You have to look at the whole. Kids are healthy, we have income, we have shelter, we have loving friends + family, kids + we are generally happy, and we remember to keep God in the center of all of this.

I know when I’m doing something that I’m not supposed and I know what Holy Spirit would rather have me be doing if I’m not doing the right thing at that moment. When I follow that voice, I feel accomplished. When I ignore it, things come crashing down and I feel purposeless. blah…

proverbs 16.3_seventhHeather (2)

Point is: don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t get the laundry folded, or that blog post didn’t get done. This is my second one today – not in my agenda, but I’m inspired, so I’m using that and going with the flow. Pray for some peace + grace if you’re feeling overwhelmed or purposeless and take 20 minutes to meditate in God’s word. It’ll help – I promise!

love ya, Heather

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