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Wait, what?

Working. Stay at home. Mom. ??????? Isn’t that, like, an oxymoron? How can you be a stay at home mom but be working?

Well, first of all – moms (working or not) are always working. Like, 25 hours a day. So we’ll just get that right out of the way. šŸ˜‰ However, that’s not exactly what I’m referring to.

There’s a new brand of mom out there. Stay at home moms who make a little bit – or a whole truck load! – of money working from… well, home – kind of.

Here’s the thing about “working from home”. We’re not always at home. The majority of the time? Yes, we are. But there are many days I find myself at Wegmans sipping on my coffee writing a blog post, or reading a book. Some days we just need to get out of the house. Target anyone?

How do SAHM’s afford to stay at home, especially if they’re not working?

Well, you’d have to ask the SAHM. Each one has a similar but different story. The most common reason is that our hubbies work their hinies off so we can be home. It’s something we decided together. Or, in my case, I sort of made that choice without the communication part. I don’t recommend that. Ever.

If you can stay home, financially, then why are you working?

I love having ‘my own thang’. Sometimes as moms we can get bogged down in kid stuff – diapers, cleaning/picking up, household chores, picking up, running kids from here to there, picking up, making sure everyone is fed (with a somewhat balanced meal! HA!), picking up – seeing a trend here, friends? šŸ˜‰

Having a little (or big) “side hustle” allows us WS@HM’s to grab and hold onto little pieces of ourselves. There’s this false idea out there in society that moms, for whatever reason, need to be with their littles ALL.OF.THE.TIME. For momma’s who enjoy that and truly love being by their little nuggets side 24-7Ā then hooray!! I’m genuinely happy and excited for you.

However, the majority of mommies that I know personally need, what we call, ‘Mommy Time‘. Part of owning our own businesses and working from home is mommy time. And although being a mom is one of the best purposes God put me here for, I also feel called -purposed- to be creative and reach out.


Who are these Working Stay@Home Mom’s? What are they ‘working’ on?

A Working Stay@Home Mom (WS@HM) is the blogger, or the network marketing consultant, or the virtual assistant. She’s the website designer, jewelry designer + maker, the crafter, the Etsy Shop Owner, the Ebayer. There are so many things a S@HM could do to feel purposeful in addition toĀ being a mom – to help others. Help others reach their full potential + help them to know Jesus + help them to lessen the guilt + give some hot mommy tips, to look and feel fabulous, help fellow mommies by healthy, etc.

You see, it’s not just about making money, it’s also about reaching out, making friends – mommies or not – expanding your Christian family Ā and faith, working on becoming a better you, which, in turn, makes you a better momĀ andĀ a better wife.

There’s a shift happening in our world. Dad’s are staying home, mom’s are working, or many couples are both staying home because the side hustle mom had while she was staying @ home with the little nuggets turned into a thriving business and no-freaking-way type of income.

If you’re a Stay@Home Mom and you wanna make some extra money for your family or you want your own thing, start looking into all the different ways to do that. Don’t just pick the first thing you see – do your research! When I was looking – the multiple times that I did look! – I went to Pinterest. ThereĀ areĀ lots of ideas on how to make money from home.

Also, below I listedĀ some of my favorite Mommy Bloggers – maybe you’ll pick on something they’re doing that you can relate to.

Abby Lawson @ Just A Girl and Her Blog –> All things about how to start a blog – she makes it simple. Her eBook Framework really helped me get started. I would still be thinking about startingĀ a blog if not for this book.

Proverbs 31 Ministries is full of mommy bloggers + inspiration!

Jen over @ I Heart Organizing

Lisa Jacobs @ Market Your Creativity


Are you a Working Stay@Home Mom? Please share your experience in the comment section below!

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