5 Awesome Blogs to Follow

5 Helpful blogs that are Subscribe worthy by Seventh Heather

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

If you’re not following these blogs yet, I highly recommend that you do so. ASAP. like now. like, yesterday. 😉

#1 – Just a Girl and Her Blog 

Abby-Lawson-Headshot-for-Sidebar-225Abby is the bomb diggity. Jus’ sayin’. Not only is she sweet, she also has an adorable sense of humor. Abby built her blog not having any idea what she was doing – boy can I relate?! – and with her hubby’s help they’ve helped a LOT of people start their own blogs – ME! -, written multiple eBooks that are extremely helpful, made $30k in January and her hubs, Donnie, is able to stay home full-time with Abby and their boys. WAY COOL!

Abby’s blog is about organization, decorating, blogging, DIY and other useful topics. She makes the cutest printables (that I’m mildly obsessed with, but whatev’s – don’t judge me!) and she offers most of them for free!

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, I highly recommend Abby’s ebook ‘Framework’. It’s a great jumping off point with TONS of pointers, how to’s, video’s, interviews with other ‘successful’ bloggers, printables (of course!) and then some! Plus, there are 3 different price points and you can upgrade at anytime, which my bank account loves! 😉


#2 – Michael Hyatt

MichaelHyattfamilyMichael is a down to Earth type of leader, which is my favorite kind of leader. He’s a former CEO, a father and a husband. His blog is packed full of information about personal development, productivity, leadership, influence and a free eBook about how to save time (we all want that, right?!).

He also does a podcast called This Is Your Life – fun to listen to in the car on your way to work, or at the gym. If you’re an auditory learner, tune into this!

Another thing I really enjoy on Michael’s site are his free shareable images. It actually was part of the inspiration for my own shareable images page. I love his format and the quotes he uses. The images are simple and clean. Enjoy!


#3 – ByRegina

Regina-CircleFirst of all, she’s hilarious. I cannot not laugh while I’m reading Regina’s posts. Winner! I love that she’s her on her blog. She writes how she talks, which is attractive to me as a reader.

Regina’s blog is a really wonderful place for bloggers with tons of advice, tips, how to’s, not to’s, a Free eBook and email courses. She also has a really great guide to branding your blog, which is also helping me with Handcrafted by Heather. So, really, Regina’s blog is for all entrepreneurs because the information is transferrable.

Check out her epic video’s on YouTube!

#4 – The Holderness Family 


WARNING: You need to finish chewing or swallow your delicious beverage before you even click on the link above. No, seriously… okay, you cannot say I didn’t warn you.

You’re going to laugh. This family is such a joy to watch and read about. There is pure entertainment on this blog along with helpful advice for moms and dads, husbands and wives. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll find yourself saying “why didn’t I think of that?!” But mostly you’ll laugh. In a dry, offended world, this blog will have you feeling great again! Enjoy!


#5 – Boho Berry

KaraBohoBerryI found Kara and her lovely bullet journals on Pinterest. After I made my way through her entire blog of awesomesauce and followed her on Instagram, her blog has become one my go-to’s every day!

In addition to her in-depth journaling tips, she’s started a series with some other Instagrammers of hand-lettering called #RockYourHandwriting, which I’m loving! Also, she makes really cool Bohemian jewelry. As a fellow jewelry artist and self-proclaimed wannabe hippie/gypsy, I appreciate her craftsmanship and her designs. I also really enjoy reading her posts. She’s another blogger that writes how she talks – my fave.

Kara is an artist, which I truly appreciate. Artists can speak through our work to each other and on behalf of each other. Pieces of art -drawing, jewelry, lettering, writing, painting, ceramics, etc. – can drum up emotions and help you to connect to your own heart and to the artist that made the piece. It’s a really cool thing to experience.

Kara collaborated with some other artists to make an Adult coloring book – one of my new favorite things. I cannot wait to get mine! Enjoy!

I hope that you have fun following these 5 blogs like I do! Please share what some of your favorite blogs are + why you love them in the comments section below!

Love to all!
~ Heather ~

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