The truth about Network Marketing

7 things I wish someone had told me about Network Marketing


I wish that I could project things from my memory through my eyeballs so that you could see how much I’ve changed since July 2012, when I said “ok, sign me up,” to Arbonne – to Network Marketing. to selling. the thing I said I would “NEVER EVER DO in a million years!” 

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume you know a few of the benefits of NWM (or, MLM – Multi-Level Marketing). Like, how it’s no longer considered a pyramid scam, uhm, because those are super illegal. If you still have that idea stuck on your brain, then do a brain dump and catch up! 😉

Funny and true MLM shirt

Also, I assume you know how you can make your own schedule, and how residual income is the bestest thing, like, ever. And how if you choose the right company, with the right products -the stuff you actually like + use- then you’ll get repeat sales while you’re sleeping from all over the world. It’s the business of this century and it’s growing stupidly fast. Like, superman fast. This is all stuff you can read everywhere on the internet – all very common knowledge. It’s what got my toes wet.

What it did to me after I said “heck yes!” (when I finally dove in!) to NWM is what people don’t tell you. Or, they tell you but you’re having trouble believing it all.
7 ways NWM saved my life

  1. It forces you out of your comfort zone which, if you haven’t heard, is where are the magic happens. Even if you’re a sales person before you start a MLM business you’re going to have to get uncomfy, because truthfully, being salesy in this industry doesn’t work. It’s NETWORK marketing – you’re selling to the people in your network.You may have a tiny network, like I did – seriously, a few friends and my parents was my immediate network – but it’s not about who you know now. It’s about who you’re going to meet. After 3+ years of growing my network I have met some amazing people, and some not so amazing ones, that have all taught me something. which leads me to my next point…comfort zone outside magic circle
  2. I’ve learned more about myself and about who I really want to be, and who God wants me to be, than in all of my other jobs combined. I’ve learned how to treat people, how I want to be treated, that personal growth is actually fun and wonderful, how meeting new humans can be very liberating, that not everyone has to be just like me to be awesome, and my values have changed – for the better.
  3. It brought me to God. Now, I know that may sound tacky or unimaginable – maybe even scary – but it’s the truth. I’m as surprised as you are. It was unplanned – just the way God would have it, yeah?I knew of God before I joined Arbonne, but it was only after I’d been in for a solid 2 years that I started paying more attention, going to church, growing my faith.

    Honestly, I went to make friends and share Arbonne with them. Then something happened – a shift. I was more concerned and more interested in helping my brother or sister in Christ to be healthy than I was interested in selling them something. I was more interested in what God sees for my future, and what He needs me to do with Arbonne, instead of what I want to do with it. This, in turn, made me want to learn more about Him. pretty cool.

    There are often times I’ll be reading a bible study and what I’ve read applies to my Arbonne business. I think God needed me to be closer to Him to complete my work within NWM for him.

  4. It helped me see my children’s futures differently – with open eyes, an open mind and an open heart.Because I didn’t complete college I thought that one of the most important things for my kids to do is go to and complete college. I know so so many people that push college on their kids and I also know just as many people that had college shoved down their throats so they went, graduated only to be unemployed and living back at mom and dad’s wondering “what do I do now?!”

    This is the awesome part of the story where Network Marketing enters the picture. While the new graduate is waiting for a job in their field, they join one these companies to make some extra money. Sometimes they end up actually staying in NWM and never getting a job in their field, or they get stay with the NWM company even after they get their ‘dream job’.

    The point here is that they’re able to get their dream job. They can wait for it because they’re making a full-time income with the NWM company and don’t need to jump on the first job offer that comes along. My kids now know that this is a viable and lucrative option for them – it could even pay for their college education in it’s entirety. The options are open.

    MLM gives you options you may not have had otherwise
    Did you catch that? OPTIONS! They know that they have them!

  5. It helped me dream again when I had lost hope. In MLM you’re highly encouraged to dream – and dream big! No small potatoes or glass ceilings here. You can go as far as you can dream.

    At first, getting a 4 bedroom house with space for a studio seemed dauntingly inconceivable. I didn’t even really like to think about it because it made me sad – I truly believed we’d never ever have a home. Now we are renting a house just like I’d hoped in a beautiful neighborhood and we’re in the process of purchasing it. God works in big ways!

  6. It taught me the importance of goal-setting. It’s not dumb or cheesy to set goals (like I used to believe) or to write them down on paper. It’s not stupid to think about them constantly or rearrange your life to go after them. If your goals come from your heart, or from Holy Spirit, and they will better you, your family and your community then they are worthy of going after – no matter what.
    February goals page bullet journaling
  7. It taught me how to stand in my truth. Growing up I had little to no self confidence. I wasn’t really shy, but I just never really believed in myself. I relied very heavily on the opinions of my friends. I molded myself to what each different person thought of me and by the time I was an 18 year old with a baby I didn’t know who I was, really. Or who I wanted to be.

    NWM has taught me to be me. Be what God sees. Be the best version of myself as often as I can, with the understanding that I’ll screw up – often – and not everyone is going to like me. But that’s okay, because my Father loves the crap outta me and that’s enough.

I would love to hear how Network Marketing has helped you! Please share in the comments section.

Love to all,
Heather <3

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