Detox Foot Soak

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What the heck is a Detox Foot Soak? Well, while you’re soaking your feet in the Arbonne SeaSource Detox Spa products, you’re turning toxic metals into harmless salts that your body can then eliminate when you sweat and go to the bathroom.. super fancy shmancy scientifical stuff.

These foot soaks have helped people with joint and muscle pain, I personally sleep better and it balances out my hormones. Plus, this foot soak will make your feet super soft and smooth. YAY for a truckload of benefits!

First, get a towel and find a nice relaxing and comfy place to sit down. Best enjoyed with a cup of Herbal Detox Tea.


Step 1: Add one teaspoon of Purifying Sea Soak to your dish bin or a big shallow pot and fill it with HOT water- as hot as you can stand. Set the towel on the floor in front of where you’re sitting, put the tub onto the towel, put your feet in and soak for about 5 minutes. This stuff smells AMAHHHZING and just the smell alone will take away hours of built up stress. If you sit in a whole bath of it for a good 20 minutes, you’re like a new (nicer) human being.

Detoxifying Rescue Wash: Add in one pump with Sea Soak. This stuff is nice because it’s great for anyone with all types of skin. Just massage your feet really well with it. Get right in between those toes!

foot massage chartStep 2: Apply a dime sized amount of the Foaming Sea Salt Scrub to each foot. Be sure to concentrate on the pressure points that relate to any specific problems you may be experiencing on the rest of your body. Massage for as long as you’d like. You deserve it! Put your feet back into the tub, and soak for another 10-15 minutes.
* For a more relaxed experience, put soothing music on in the background and sit with your eyes closed. Focus only on your breathing during this time.

Step 3:  Take your feet out of the water (no need to dry them off) add a quarter sized amount of this Sea Mud Face & Body Mask to each foot. Put each foot into a plastic grocery bag and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Keep relaxing and focus on breathing. After it’s mostly dry, wash off mask in tub.

Step 4: Let your feet air dry so that the minerals can soak into your skin. After your feet are dry, apply one pump of the ReMineralizing Lotion to each foot. Again, focus on pressure points that relate to your bodies needs.

Mix one pump of the 5-in-1 Massage Oil with the lotion at the end. Makes skin on feet (and hands) extra soft. This stuff makes you feel like you’re really at the spa because it smells SO good. So relaxing. Ahh….

I usually like to put on a nice pair of clean white socks after this!

A Bonus product I sometimes add to the end of this awesomeness is the Renewing Body Gelee. It creates a moisture barrier to keep that softness you’re now experiencing. Also, this stuff will replace a whole mess of products under your bathroom sink.

So, go out and share this with the world! Don’t keep your yummy smelling soft feet to yourself! Go out and share with your friends! I would even go as far as asking them to smell your feet. Not even joking. Go for it. 😉 :-p

AND if you’re an Arbonne consultant, lookin’ to grow your business, check out this post about amping up your business with SeaSource Detox Spa products!


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