Detox Slimming Wraps

Detox slimming wrap collageDisclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

The first time I tried a detox slimming wrap around my tummy, nothing happened. So I did it again a couple weeks later (and actually followed directions! HA!) and viola! I lost an inch! Woohoo! Whats more, I slept REALLY good that night and the next few following nights, and I felt like I drank a bucket of Fizz Sticks!

So, what IS a detox slimming wrap? Truly, it’s a fun and quick way to drop an inch or so around your tummy, thighs, or arms. Now, I do have to make a disclaimer here: Arbonne International didn’t come up with these wraps. They don’t sell them and do not endorse them. These wraps were created by a smarty-pants Independent Consultant in the Washington, DC, USA area and they made their way northeast. 

What’s so different about these wraps? The Arbonne products! They’re pure, safe and beneficial! You can use the products for so many things!!

Also, you can reuse your wrap! Just toss them in the wash after each use, and use them again and again! But, the magic is in the products. You WILL NOT get the same results without the products. ☺ The Arbonne SeaSource Detox Spa products are my favorite right after the nutrition products because of how great they make me feel.


What you need:

  1. Detox Rescue Wash
  2. Foaming Sea Salt Scrub
  3. Renewing Body Gelee`
  4. Purifying Sea Soak
  5. ReMineralizing Lotion 24H
  6. 5-in-1 Massage oil (optional – for extra support and hydration)
  7. Seran wrap
  8. A towel or hand towel
  9. A dish bin, bowl or sink: somewhere to hold water to soak wrap
  10. An herbal wrap or large ace bandage. (latex-free)
  11. 20 – 32 oz of water.
  12. String to measure

What to do:

  1. Put your string around the area you’re wrapping. Cut the string so that it’s meeting end to end. If you’re wrapping your tummy, use your belly button as a ‘marker’. Otherwise just mark using a sharpie so you know where to measure when you’re done wrapping.
  2. Put on some comfy pj pants or shorts and tuck a towel into the top of them so they don’t get soaking wet. They will likely get damp.
  3. Soak wrap for 10 – 15 minutes in bin/bowl/sink with a teaspoon of Purifying Sea Soak.
  4. Use one pump of Detoxifying Rescue Wash with a bit of water to wash off the surface of the area you’re wrapping. You can just use your hand in circular motions. Do not wash off.
  5. Add a nickel sized amount of Foaming Sea Salt Scrub and Renewing Body Gelee and rub all over the area that will be wrapped. You can use a little extra gelee’ if you’d like.
  6. Wring out the wrap. It should be damp but not soaking wet/dripping.
  7. Wrap area so that no gaps are showing between the wrap. Secure wrap with prongy-things that came with your wrap. The wrap should be tight but remember you need to be able to breathe. 😉
  8. Wrap 5 – 7 layers of saran around to totally cover the wrap. This keeps the body heat in and keeps the products ‘activated’. Dollar store plastic wrap does NOT work for this. It’s worth getting the good stuff. I use the Glad brand.
  9. Put your clothes on/your shirt down and go on about your business. Leave the wrap on for 60 – 90 minutes. Yes, you CAN pee during this process! 😉
  10. After you remove the wrap, use a washcloth or wet paper towel (or jump in the shower if you’re able) to wash off access sea salt scrub.
  11. Apply ReMineralizing Lotion 24H + 5-in-1 Massage Oil all over area.
  12. Remeasure using the same string to see how many inches you lost!

IMPORTANT: You’ll need to drink the water (or mix with your favorite Fizz Stick and/or detox tea) during the duration of the wrap. No need to chug! Unless that’s your thing… PS. no you’re not losing ‘water weight’ as many people presume. The products turn toxins into salts your body can eliminate when you sweat and go to the bathroom. So that water is just helping to push out the toxins.

HINT: The detox process keeps working for up to 72 hours, so don’t be surprised or bummed if you don’t lose anything right away. Measure again later on in the day and the next couple of days using the same string.

HOT TIP: Avoid processed foods, soda, gluten, sugars and dairy at all costs during the 72 hours for best results! All of these things cause bloating and inflammation and will undo the detox process.



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