Playing hookie with the kids

Sometimes we all just need a day off – including the kiddos.

I’m a firm believer in letting our kids stay home from school once in a while to enjoy just being home and playing.

My husband is firmly against this (sorry hunny!… but not sorry 😉 ) Today was one of those days. We all woke up late and instead of running around like crazy people (a typical morning in our house) trying to get the kids off to school and all of the tasks that entails + getting my meditation/prayer in + bible study, etc, we just slept in. Except Graham (my 6-year-old son) who got up at his usual time (7:30), made himself some breakfast + watched Dino Dan. I rolled myself out of bed around 8:30, made coffee, sat with Graham for a few minutes and by 10:00 it was decided that they’re playin’ hookie today.

Why in the world would I let my kids take a day off of school when they’re not sick, we’re not on a family vacation or going to the doctors?! This has gotta be a major #momfail or maybe even illegal! HA!

Except, not really.

Truth is, I wasn’t ready to give my kiddos up today. I wanted more time with them. And, another truth, kids need to re-energized and “rebooted”, too. They need time to unwind. This weekend wasn’t crazy busy with activities but we did spent quite a bit of time cleaning the entire house. top to bottom. all 2400+ sq. ft. Also, my husband was away for most of Sunday for a business trip. Lastly, today was one of those mornings that I simply needed a break from the stressful morning routine.

Graham playing with his legos. He built an awesome Minecraft house!
Graham playing with his legos. He built an awesome Minecraft house!

So, then, what did we do on our bonus day off? Well, Graham finished his Minecraft Lego project – The first night #21115 (a gift he got from Grandma, my mom, for Christmas), he played a few games on his tablet, watched Dino Dan, created a couple Lego creatures, and drew some Pokemon characters. And it’s only 4:00 in the afternoon!

Emmah folded laundry, face-timed with her BFF, Emma, washed dishes and colored in her adult coloring book she got from Santa! She also mentioned to me how she loves having a clean room. 😉 (she spent over 2 hours picking it up and organizing on Sunday. There’s still a long way to go, but she’s making progress!)

Emmah folding laundry after a trip to the laundromat.
Emmah folding laundry after a trip to the laundromat.

I did clerical work, wrote this post, played with Graham, chatted with Emma and Emmah (they’ve been dubbed Emma Squared), made lunch, greeted my hubby and talked with him about his trip, ran a couple of errands with Graham and then some! We feel refreshed and ready to start our Tuesday!

The Lego Minecraft house that Graham built! I'm so impressed by him.
The Lego Minecraft house that Graham built! I’m so impressed by him.

TO THE MOMMIES: there are days where getting up and ready for the day on time is overwhelming and stressful, or maybe Saturday and Sunday just didn’t give you enough time to be with your knuckleheads. On these days, ask yourself: is the world going to end if the kids don’t go to school today? No. Are they going to flunk out of school and miss out on going to their first choice college because they missed one day of first, seventh or even twelfth grade? No. Will your mommy friends judge you + unfriend you + leave you out of playdates? Well, if they do they’re not worth your time anyway and you need to find new friends. (jus’ sayin’)

Don’t feel guilty about playing hookie with your kids! Your time is SO much more valuable than what math equation they might learn at school today, or even the project you have at work! Remember: 1.God, 2. Family, 3. Work. Always. No matter what. That’s a #lifelaw! Don’t you think God would rather have you spend some extra time with your children and fill each others hearts with love and create memories over them learning more of their alphabet or the next step in Algebra or you getting that file submitted a day early? I do.

Plan a hookie day now! Or just make up your mind that one day (or three!) this year you’ll play hookie with your kids. This goes for DADS, too! My husband is the provider for our family and he’s 100% commission based, so if he takes a day off he loses money. It’s that simple. But at some point, he’s smart enough to know that the possible $ he may have made isn’t worth the joy he’ll get from soaking up a full day with his knuckleheads. (especially on a monday)

I would love to know what y’all do on your hookie days! Comment below ☺ and enjoy your day off! <3

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